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Our Services

Technical Support

Technical support is a duration starting before the feasibility even after the project delivery. In scope of technical support, electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic software revisions and services are provided to the customer, related with the project.



The necessary hardware infrastructure is determined for the software while we are preparing detailed electric project. PLC and SCADA application software are developed according to process engineers of the company and/or the demands of end user. The Siemens Tia Portal is used for PLC applications, WinCC and WinTr are used for SCADA applications.


Project Engineering

Project design and engineering works are our prior and main activity subjects. We provide innovative engineering solutions on the following fields what we had expertise, based upon accumulated knowledge since long years.

• Iron – Steel,
• Industrial Waste Water and Clean Water Treatment,
• Special Machinery Manufacturing,
• Automotive,
• Food,
• Rubber,
• Cement,
• Timber,
• Glass.

Especially, we pay attention to produce art solutions with long life, innovative and using new technologies, while we design the projects ordered by the customer demands. We prepare the electrical automation projects according to international standards with E-PLAN.


Panel Manufacturing

Power distribution, motor control and PLC panels are mounted after the supplying of related equipment, after the system solution and detailed manufacturing drawings works finished. The mounted and finished panels are sent to the end assembly location, after the hot tests done with energizing and loading the application software behind by the cold tests.



The field cabling works are done produced power and automation panels. The panels are energized and load tests are finished in the end user place. Besides, the developed application software are tested on the process than the system is run. The system is delivered to end user after the hardware and software improvements achieved, according to process. The project enclose consisting of electrical drawings and source codes of software is given to the customer, while delivering of the system. The staff training service related with the electrical and automation system is given during the start-up phase and after.


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