Pozitif Engineering & Automation Ltd. Co. - Activities


Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Our target is to develop projects for energy recycling in the sectors consumed high energy such as iron-steel and cement. Besides, our new interest is to produce electricity by setting up rooftop in solar energy sector for self-consumption.


Food Sector

Automation projects are done for raw material preparation, tempering, producing machines and packaging machines in cholate, biscuits and confectionery factory.



Machine Manufacture Sector

We apply developed automation projects for special manufacturing machine. Special machines automation are happened such as big-bag sack machines, CNC router cutting machine, glass fiber reinforced pipe winder machine, hydraulic load lifts, palette shrink machine, brick package machine, sandblasting machines, straightening machines, conveyors, scrap recycling.


Water Treatment

Our company has set up reliable and free of problems automation systems in chemical-biological waste water treatment and in water treatment plants for long term solution.



We achieved a lot of automation projects needed by iron-steel sector. We do lower section of iron-steel facility and support facility automation with complete rolling mill and steel mill automation.

In this context in steel mill;

Arc furnace automation,
Crucible furnaces automation,
Powder keeper plant automation,
Continue casting plant automation,
Water plant automation,
Ferro-alloys doping units automation,
Scrap transfer car automation,,

In rolling mill;

Annealing furnace automation,
Continue rolling mill automation,
Flying shear automation,
Cooling bed, grill and packaging units automation
Bundling machine automation,
Water plant automation.


Principal Activities

For project electric-automation works, we provide commissioning, contracting service, software and complete equipment supply.
In this context:

MV transformer plant equipment supply and installation
LV supply and installation of the motor and control cables
Power Distribution Panels (ADP), Motor Control Panels (MCC), Compensation Panels (CP), Control Panels (PLC) and field signal collection boxes (ET) manufacturing and assembly.
Complete system control and operator panel software (PLS, OP) development.
SCADA system hardware and license supply with application software development.
Project documentation preparation and training for operators.


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